Advantages of Third Party Repricing Services

When selling on Amazon, price matters. Many shoppers make their purchase decision based on price alone, regardless of detailed product descriptions or high-quality photos. To remain competitive in the growing market of FBA sellers, you must be able to compete price wise, or you’ll be doomed to fail.

If you are an FBA seller, you are probably familiar with Amazon’s proprietary Automated Repricing Tool. While this tool is beneficial for sellers, third-party options such as RepricePlus can be helpful for your business in the long run.

What The Amazon Repricer Is Doing Wrong?

We’ll admit, Amazon’s automated pricing tool does have some unique feature. With the tool, you can see offers from sellers outside of the bottom 20, it is intuitively built-in to Amazon’s selling platforms, and it is free with the professional selling plan. However, it is far from perfect.

The biggest problem with Amazon’s repricer is that it can accelerate the “race to the bottom” for the lowest prices. If you and another seller have the same SKU, Amazon will jump straight to the lowest price that you and the other seller’s rules dictate instead of allowing incremental price drops.

This isn’t optimal if you want to maintain high-profit margins in the long run as Amazon’s automating system will set your price at the minimum even if it isn’t completely necessary.

What Third-Party Repricing Services Are Doing Right

Long gone are the days of manually adjusting your prices to match the competition and Amazon’s system isn’t the only automated option either. RepricePlus takes the benefits of using an automated system with the flexibility of changing your pricing strategy on the fly.

RepricePlus also allows users to pick and choose which competitors they want to price match as well. This way, you can avoid Amazon’s automated price plunges when one price-gouging seller with the same SKU decides to start a price war.

Sign Up with RepricePlus today and enjoy a 30-day FREE trial while you learn the system and implement it into your store.

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