How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Buy Box

If you sell on Amazon, you know that having your product listed in the Buy Box is the Holy Grail of Amazon selling. Products in the buy box receive more exposure and can be added to a shopper’s cart with the simple click of a button.

While Amazon doesn’t disclose precisely how it selects products for the Buy Box, there are some proven methods you can utilize to increase your chances. Below are our top five tips to increase your odds.

1. Price Competitively

Amazon wants shoppers always to find the best prices on their site. After all, that is how Amazon became the retail behemoth it is today, by slashing prices so far that competitors couldn’t keep up.

Make sure that you’re keeping your shipping costs in mind as you adjust the price to match your competition. When selecting the item for the Buy Box, Amazon’s algorithm will take the “landed price” of the item, not just the sale price. Your offer doesn’t have to be the lowest, but keep it at a competitive level.

2. Excel at Shipping

If you want to win the Buy Box, your shipping must be quick, and hassle-free to the customer. Amazon’s Prime program raised expectations of consumers, and they’ve come to expect fast shipping from everything they buy on Amazon. If your shipping speeds aren’t up to par, consider signing up for Fulfillment by Amazon.

3. Keep Stock Available

There’s nothing more annoying to shoppers than purchasing a product only to find it on backorder and Amazon knows this. To overcome this, Amazon only awards the Buy Box to sellers with updated inventory and plenty of stock on-hand.

4. Provide Great Customer Service

Amazon prides itself on offering top-notch customer service to its customers, and it is one of the leading reasons it has grown into one of the largest online retailers. Because of this, winning the Buy Box is considerably dependent on your customer service metrics.

Taking the two previous tips into consideration, make sure that your inventory is always stocked and offer outstanding shipping times. Also ensure that you provide your customers with quick communication, and keep your order defects to a minimum.

5. Protect Your Seller Rating

Maintaining and optimizing your seller rating should be a top priority for your store if you have hopes to win the Buy Box. You should be shooting for a seller rating of over 90% and ideally above 95% to be one of the best sellers in your category.

Improving and maintaining your seller score is a culmination of the three previous tips including keeping shipping times down, minimizing order defects, and providing exceptional customer service to your customers. You should have a system in place to handle negative feedback and if your business doesn’t have the resources to do so, consider outsourcing your feedback management to an automated tool.

Hopefully, you have found this guide useful! Winning the Buy Box is an ever-changing game, but if you play it right and follow these five tips, you will have significantly improved your odds of winning.

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