5 Things Every Amazon Seller Should Know

As an Amazon seller, navigating the digital marketplace is full of challenges and surprises. If you aren’t careful, your account could be penalized, or you could miss out on sales. In no particular order, here are five tricks and tips we think that every seller should know, no matter their experience.

Things Every Amazon Seller Should Know

1. Make Sure You’re Asking for Reviews!

Reviews can make or break an Amazon store. Shoppers are more likely to leave reviews for poor experiences than they are to leave reviews for great products, so it’s crucial you’re proactive in gathering positive reviews. Otherwise, your negative reviews could spin out of control, leading to poor sales. Balance out these negatives and don’t be afraid to send an email to buyers asking them to leave a review.

2. Make Sure You’re Speaking Your Customers’ Language

To sell more products, it’s essential that you’re using the right keywords to gain visibility. Your intuition can only take you so far, so make sure you do your keyword research. You’d be surprised the keywords that shoppers use to describe the products they’re seeking. Check out one of the hundreds of keyword research tools online and make a list of the most popular terms that could describe your products.

3. Let Buyers Know If Your Stock Is Low

As an Amazon seller, one of the most significant mistakes you want to avoid is overselling. Amazon wants to make shopping easier for everyone, and when a seller sells items without the stock to back it up, they will penalize their account. To avoid this mistake, make sure that your inventory numbers are accurate and if your stock is low, make sure your customers know. As an added bonus, when shoppers see that an item is low in stock, it will encourage them to act quick before it’s unavailable.

4. Aim for Growth

If you want to make a full-time living selling on Amazon, continued growth should be your goal. As with any business, you want to scale it over time, not stay one size forever. To do this, you should consistently reinvest in your Amazon store, whether that means product research, upgrading your inventory, investing in a repricer, or hiring employees to help. Don’t raid your profits to cut yourself a check until you’ve reached a sustainable growth model!

5. Offer Fast and Free Shipping

Many consumers choose to shop on Amazon because of their Prime service. They want their products shipped to them quickly and for free. If your shipping speeds move at the speed of a snail, you can guarantee your reviews will reflect the experience. If you can’t offer reliably fast shipping at a low cost to the consumer, you won’t have much hope to compete in the marketplace. Invest in your shipping speeds and your customers will thank you. Also, having fast and reliable shipping will also improve your chances of winning the Buy Box!

Those are the five things that every Amazon seller should know! They might seem basic to some, but you’d be surprised how many Amazon sellers fail to follow them. Keep them in mind as you plan for the future!

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